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At A Midsummer Music Dream / Songe d’été en musique students, faculty and community collaborate in an environment committed to excellence in teaching and performance.

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~ Our 10th Anniversary ~

Help us bring the Youth Orchestra of the Americas to the Eastern Townships. Visit our Kickstarter Campaign page to find out how you can help.

Thank You, 2013 and 2014 Participants

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Festival 2014 Program

From July 24 to August 2, 2015 the festival "A Midsummer Music Dream / Songe d’été en musique" will celebrate its 10th season of making music in the Eastern Townships of rural Quebec. In addition to the concerts, festival participants can enroll in classes such as guitar ensemble, string ensemble and master classes with faculty and guest artists. Private instruction is offered in voice, all strings, classical guitar, electric guitar and piano.

The festival takes place at the junction of the Beauce and Eastern Townships region of Quebec which is approximately 1½ hour drive south from Quebec City, 1½ hour drive northeast from Sherbrook and a 1½ hour drive north from the Maine border crossing. Events are scheduled to take place at The Moulin Bernier and in the villages of Courcelles, Lambton, Lac-Drolet, St-Sébastien and Stratford.
(Map of the area.)

The highly successful Vocal Program brings together students from throughout the U.S. to perform in concerts and opera scenes. The program's daily schedule includes voice lessons and coaching, masterclasses, repertoire classes and opera scenes/concert rehearsals.

Highlights of this year's festival, our 10th anniversary, will include concerts by the Youth Orchestra of the Americas and the Festival Chorus, open to all festival participants and community members, performing the "Gloria" from Puccini's Messe di Gloria, Ralph Vaughan Williams' Serenade to Music and a group of Canadian folk songs.

In 2015 world-acclaimed Chinese pipa virtuoso Liu Fang, a Montreal resident, and Jeffrey Marcus, a world-renowned pianist will once again be visiting artists at the festival.

In addition, we are very pleased to announce that soprano Valérie Bélanger again will be on the faculty of this year's Community Voice Program.

Listen to a CBC report about the 2011 Festival.

Midsummer Music Dream Music School & Festival
Pauline Jobin, Administrative Director
Harris Becker, Artistic Director
Christina Montalto, Festival Coordinator

  1. Twelve Concerts
Instrumental Program
  1. Performance Classes
  2. Chamber Ensembles
  3. Baroque String Ensemble
  4. Lessons in Classical & Electric Guitar, Modern & Baroque Violin, Cello, Viola, Piano, Organ
  5. Guitar Ensemble
  6. Guitar Technique
  7. Accompanying
  8. Organ Master Classes
Vocal Program
  1. Voice Lessons
  2. Coachings
  3. Master classes / Themed classes
  4. Yoga / Movement
  5. Opera Scenes
  6. Opera and Song Performance
  7. Chamber Music Performance
and Festival Chorus

Here is what singers are saying about our program:

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